Looking for the Perfect Dress

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If you’ve ever gone out looking for the perfect dress, especially when spring is newly in the air, this brief essay is for you!

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Spring Writing and Art-Making Workshops

Write and Make Art!

Lots coming up this spring! Join me and watch your imagination grow.

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Step Into Nature

Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life

Step Into Nature is a guide to make nature personal again, to stimulate awareness and increase our understanding of the environment while inspiring readers to develop and strengthen their imaginations.

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What readers are saying about Step into Nature:


Step into Nature has the curious feel of something one discovers on a forest path or in an ineffable sky, delicate and surprising, changing moment by moment. The book makes me glad to be alive to share in such discoveries as Patrice delights in.”
— Frances Hatfield, author of Rudiments of Flight, poems

“This book works on me as nature works on her, as an act of nurture, walking us on a series of small journeys, paralleling her own, never knowing what we will find at each turn…small shocks of awareness and sparks of epiphany fast as the flash of wing in woodland flight.”
—Marc Zegan, author of The Underwater Typewriter, poems


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