THE ABCs OF 2014

2014-12-25 07.38.33

Before packing up the year and putting its contents in a suitcase marked “2014,” and placing it up on the shelf with all the others, to be unpacked and reflected on upon occasion, you might consider the ABCs of it—of your own 2014—a way to catalog the year.

2014-12-25 07.38.56-1

That the alphabet begins with the letter “A” is rather fitting when I think back on my own year and how ART, in one form or another, has been its primary modus operandi. Whether I was writing my forthcoming book or doing stitch work or collage, I’m grateful for the fuel that art was in nearly each and every day. (Pictured here a stitched collage to take me into 2015.)

For as much as “B” stands for the small winged creature who hums, this year it stands or flies and quivers also for my book, Step into Nature, due out on 3/31/15.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that “C” is the letter for those who have whiskers and who purr, who possesses long furry tails and whose ears twitch. Ace and Stella are my two such beasties. Everyday they delight, and that, I suppose, brings me to “D,” which could stand for the dark-hat-donned-doubling-back-doubt, but why let a thing like that own an entire letter that has its own curved window to the world? Nope!

Instead, I’ll tip my 2014 hat to DELIGHT instead. Not only that but, holding the folds of a wide skirt, I curtsy deeply to that gift, to delight’s presence in my life.

And you? Where do the alphabet’s letters take you as you look back over this year before closing it up and lifting its suitcase up onto the shelf.