One-Day Writing Retreat: February 12

“Spending the day writing with Patrice, we unwrap the gift of our stories and together share the fierce courage of our lives.” Kathy Blount

A private Santa Cruz home, a hidden gem of a place will be ours
for the Women’s One-Day Writing Retreat
Monday, February 12

We’ll meet from 10 – 4 to discover and write the stories
we most need to find words for.
Find a cozy corner and pull up a chair. Listen to what your heart says.
The day includes three writing periods, a gourmet lunch, and an opportunity for those who wish to share their new work.
The fee is $145. Contact me with questions and to enroll:

This day is for those who consider themselves writers and those who may not.

“I loved listening to the wonderful and deep writing that came
from all the participants in Patrice’s workshop.” Ginny Mitchell

Stay tuned for details on the Spring Five-Day Writing Retreat in Portal, Arizona,
the most bio-diverse place in the U.S.!