IMG_2315At the entrance to the forest, the borderline between asphalt and soil, I lean into the trees, into the breeze, nose twitching like a dog’s. If I’m tying my shoes or waiting for a walking partner I stand at that juncture between out and in longer than I would otherwise, full of good anticipation. “Let’s go,” says a voice. Giddy.

Before entering the forest what I know is that my body will move, stretching my legs, my lungs will fill, my heart will get to increase its pace. I’m confident that my eyes will be gifted with beauty, my ears will the chatter of birds and squirrels. What I can’t know are the details of the walk to come. From the outset they’re unknown. That’s joyous anticipation. Every walk changes the walker. I love being thusly made better by the earth.

Step into Nature, my new book, officially launched yesterday. At day’s end when I returned home it was to a bright bouquet that my terrific editor, Anna Noak, had sent, as well as a box of books! Today I’m standing at a new juncture—the beginning of a many city west coast book tour, full of good anticipation, giddy as before a forest walk. The book is already beginning to garner attention—an excerpt was published in Spirituality & Health yesterday and many interviews are happening!

Delightful anticipation that occurs at the door to nature is much like that which those of us who engage in art-making experience each time we open the paint box, reach for the sharpened pencil, lift the piano lid to initiate creative process when the forest of imagination whispers. It’s your name I hear; that’ your imagination is calling!