Early Morning at Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, New Mexico

IMG_3574   IMG_3538 Once we got in the groove of it, each early morning a few of us on my New Mexico writing retreat met to go walking in nature. Yesterday, we went to Plaza Blanca near Abiquiu. IMG_3552Never have I entered a place where tall white rock walls surrounded and towered over above. It was an echo canyon that returned our voices—from us to the rocks and back. We were miniature walkers there. Only one witness to us did I see though of course there were others. A lone raven surveyed us from a cliff top perch as the dawn came on. Out and out we walked till time called us back. I’d have liked to climb up to the rock, to have pressed my body against the body of stone.IMG_3518Georgia O’Keeffe camped here and painted. She made these cliffs famous with her paintings. Above and around her were the rocks and below the occasional spring flower. Yesterday we got to walk where she had. IMG_3570

2 thoughts on “Early Morning at Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, New Mexico

  1. Oh, the courage of O’Keefe to live in that place and paint and be true to herself. Thank you for re-living her journey so that I may walk in her shoes through your writing and sharing.

  2. I was one of the fortunate women writers on this retreat with Patrice. Before I left Abiquiu, I too went hiking into the Plaza Blanca, by myself as our group had dispersed to go home. Besides
    the amazing columns of white stone, I was deeply affected by the
    absolute quiet I experienced out there. It’s hard not to wonder what
    influence the daily silence of the desert had on O’Keefe’s unique
    approach to her art; it’s so much easier to hear our own ‘deep’
    voice when we are alone with only the wind and rocks and sky.

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