Earth Day Praise for the Seemingly Insignificant

IMG_3314  IMG_3326  IMG_3342 A shout out to the small parts of nature that are too easy to ignore. Here’s to our capacity to move slowly enough on the earth’s back so that we may observe and celebrate all that we often walk by, step over, or turn away from without realizing what’s being missed. How often I do that; how often I neglect to bend down to the mystery growing at my feet. There tiny creatures go about their intricate lives, minute leaves unfurl and blossoms no smaller than a the pinkie fingernail open to morning light, giving their all to the day, undiminished by my human lack of attention.

Once I too get low to the ground there’s the ant parade, the single ant carry much more than her own weight to an unseen destination; there’s the smallest pebble rolling down hill, tiny rodent footprints. And these flowers whose names I will learn, photos taken in the nearby chaparral that’s walking distance from my home. Whole lives I know nothing about except that upon slowing my pace and crouching down, I am made happy by the small, wild beauty of this earth.