Notes To Begin

IMG_1014 Step into Nature launches at Bookshop Santa Cruz, on April 7, 7:30! April 9 my new book will have its Monterey launch at The Carmel Art Association Pilgrim’s Way, 6:00. Isn’t it interesting when we feel what was so far down the path of time begin to approach.

Here’s one of the lists that began my new, almost born, book:


  • Explore nature’s allure and its connection to the imagination.
  • Consider the presence of place and its influence on creativity.
  • How intimacy with an outdoor place can rekindle a lost sense of belonging.
  • Revitalize innate knowing and intuitive awareness.
  • Find out that inspiration is closer than believed possible.
  • The spirit of the wildness…
  • The five senses or more—can I smell what I see?
  • What are the rituals of imagination?
  • Make art to serve a whole life.
  • Where fear keeps one from going and how to move through it.
  • Consider the transformative power of the hidden.
  • What about mystery and magic?
  • Nature’s ebb and flow in relation to my own.

Make a list, freely, directed by your curiosity and intention, dreams and wishes, who knows where it might take you!

One thought on “Notes To Begin

  1. Ano Nuevo Thursday with my granddaughter, the salt sweet air and 9:00 am cool. The feet of little people walking on the wood floor of the barn. Someone has pushed the button on a display and suddenly the snort of a bull elephant seal reverberates through the rafters. It is a perfect day for a walk to the viewing area. No wind, clear skies, warm and welcoming. Hop skipping the mud puddles our excitement to see our first elephant seal builds as the young docent from back east tells us about the plump wieners who lay in clusters sunbathing and sand tossing as they dream of learning to swim. We huff and puff up the sand dune and, as we reach the top, our first view if these magnificent creatures startles us. There are so many. Harem after harem cluster along the beach, each protected by its own commanding male. Pups cling beside their mothers trying to avoid being crushed by the crowd of blubbery bodies. Along the perimeter the non-dominant males eye the females, waiting for an opening and a distracted bull. Suddenly commotion as one rushes a female. The harem bull rises like a submarine coming to the surface, chest out, bellowing and rushing toward the harem invader. We hold our breath as they slam against one another, their enormous noses swaying with the power of it all. The interloper retreats and the harem quiets in the sun. We breathe and humble ourselves to the dance of the natural world.

    Perhaps a list from nature.

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