Notes To Begin

IMG_1014 Step into Nature launches at Bookshop Santa Cruz, on April 7, 7:30! April 9 my new book will have its Monterey launch at The Carmel Art Association Pilgrim’s Way, 6:00. Isn’t it interesting when we feel what was so far down the path of time begin to approach.

Here’s one of the lists that began my new, almost born, book:


  • Explore nature’s allure and its connection to the imagination.
  • Consider the presence of place and its influence on creativity.
  • How intimacy with an outdoor place can rekindle a lost sense of belonging.
  • Revitalize innate knowing and intuitive awareness.
  • Find out that inspiration is closer than believed possible.
  • The spirit of the wildness…
  • The five senses or more—can I smell what I see?
  • What are the rituals of imagination?
  • Make art to serve a whole life.
  • Where fear keeps one from going and how to move through it.
  • Consider the transformative power of the hidden.
  • What about mystery and magic?
  • Nature’s ebb and flow in relation to my own.

Make a list, freely, directed by your curiosity and intention, dreams and wishes, who knows where it might take you!