Step into Nature

On March 31, 2015 my new book, Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination & Spirit in Everyday Life will be hold-able! Today I’m beginning a twice-weekly—Wednesdays and Saturdays—blog about nature, imagination, and spirit. I’ll also write about the publishing process, including posting endorsements as they come in and book tour plans. Here’s one I’m thrilled to have from Santa Cruz writer, Tai Moses, author of the fabulous: Zooburbia: Meditations on the Wild Animals Among Us. If you enjoy the blog, please let me know.IMG_0015

“In an era of cascading ecological crises, what could be more important than reconnecting people to the wonder and beauty of nature? Patrice Vecchione’s elegant paean to the wild world, Step Into Nature, accomplishes its vital mission with a poet’s eye and ear. We may be the planet’s dominant species, but Vecchione gently shows us that nature’s wisdom is predominant; that mindful attention to wild beings and birdsong, to ancient oaks and starry skies, can embolden our spirits, animate our imaginations, and bring us all back in tune with the living world around us. Step Into Nature is an enchanted map linking inner and outer worlds, guiding us through the marvels of nature to discover our own innermost artistic visions.” —Tai Moses